About Us

At Spice Pole and Aerial Fitness, we know that you want to feel fulfilled in all areas of your life. But when do we have time in our busy schedules to prioritize ourselves? Feeling like you are missing something can make you feel a bit lost.

You deserve to take the time to pause and focus on you. To have presence in your day to explore and connect with yourself. Having traveled our own personal journeys, we understand what it is like to want to feel accomplished, confident, and celebrated.

That is why we created Spice Pole and Aerial Fitness. With over 30 years of collective experience, our award-winning and expert-certified instructors have built a strong and supportive community and judgement-free zone designed to empower women to express themselves sensually and love themselves wholly.

It is easy to get stronger, both physically and mentally:

Spice up your workout, so you can leave your self-consciousness behind, and find the feminine and sexy you that you knew always existed.


Jackie Smith, Founder

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