At Spice we help you build up your strength through the various pole and aerial fitness programs.
At Spice you learn how to reach your highest level of performance based on your level of experience.
At Spice our process creates a level of inspiration that allows you to be mentally stimulated through artistic forms of aerial and pole fitness.
At Spice we have created a community that supports you through every level of your fitness journey.
At Spice we have created an artistic form of exercise that allows individuals to build confidence while having fun and tapping into their creative flow.

Spice Up Your

Welcome To Spice

Spice Up Your Workout

Spice Pole and Aerial Fitness is a community committed to empowering others to pioneer new relationships with themselves through an artistic practice of pole and aerial fitness dance. We encourage you to “Find Your Spice.” Simply put, Spice is the confidence that shows up when you walk into a room, sit at a table, and speak. We like to also call it your inner glow the light that illuminates everything you touch, and we would like to help you tap into it and shine.

At Spice we are dedicated to tearing down negative body images and rebuilding them through a series of unconventional exercises and artistic Spice movements. We will help you reach your highest potential with no boundaries, no judgement, and no restrictions through our quality exercise programs. Starting from day one our community will work with you through every step of the way until you discover your inner Spice.

Parties & Events

Looking for a bachelorette, a party among friends, birthday party, or a team building activity? Our private events are perfect for many occasions!

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